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Date Update
20-January-2014 FII Position Limits in Exchange Traded Interest Rate Futures (IRF)
08-January-2014 Operational Guidelines for Designated Depository Participants
07-January-2014 Delivery Instruction Slip (DIS) Issuance and Processing
07-January-2014 Reporting of Trades in Securitised Debt Instruments in Trade Reporting Platforms and Clearing and Settlement of trades in Securitised Debt Instruments through Clearing Corporations
13-August-2012 Direct Market Access – ClarificationRedressal of investor grievances against listed companies in SEBI
Complaints Redress System
Manner of Dealing with Audit Reports filed by Listed companies
02-August-2012 Activation of ISIN in case of additional issue of shares/ securities
21-May-2012 SEBI issues SEBI (Alternative Investment Funds) Regulations, 2011, repeals . Repeal of the SEBI (Venture Capital Funds) Regulations, 1996
09-February-2012 Guidelines for disclosures to be made in the Letter of offer in respect of Buy-back of securities in terms of SEBI (Buy-back of Securities) Regulations, 1998
08-February-2012 Amendments to the Equity Listing Agreement
01-Februrary-2012 Offer For Sale of Shares by Promoters through the Stock Exchange Mechanism
25-January-2012 Eligibility criteria for qualified depository participant.
20-January-2012 Composition of Arbitration Committee
20-January-2012 Investor Grievance Redressal Mechanism at Stock Exchange
13-January-2012 Investment by Qualified Foreign Investors (QFI) in Indian equity shares
03-January-2012 Changes in Re-investment period of FII debt limit
11-July-2011 Clarification regarding admission of Limited Liability Partnerships as
members of Stock Exchanges
05-July-2011 Modification in Client Codes of Non-Institutional Trades Executed on Stock Exchanges (All Segments)
16-March-2011 Listing Agreement For Securitized Debt Instruments
08-March-2011 Allocation Of Government Debt Long Term & Corporate Debt – Old Investment
Limits To FIIs
07-March-2011 Load Balances For Mutual Fund And AMCs
7-Sept-2010 Secretarial Audit Nomenclature changed to Reconciliation of Share Capital Audit
17-May-2010 SEBI wants costs raised for MFs, brokers
3-May-2010 New SEBI guidelines will increase investor confidence in ratings: CRISIL
27-April-2010 No change in status of Tata Motors’ DVR shareholders: Sebi
21-April-2010 SEBI’s counter affidavit proves NSE as government entity in RTI case
7-April-2010 SEBI Amends Listing Agreement – April 05, 2010
31-March-2010 MFs hold back dividend plans after SEBI diktat
16-March-2010 Sebi banks on fund houses to improve corporate governance
4-March-2010 Reliance Media challenges sale of majority shares of Fame to Inox
8-January-2010 Sebi orders operational audit of credit rating agencies
8-January-2010 SEBI clarifies asset cover norms for debt instruments
2-January-2010 SEBI panel to resolve pending grievances
2-January-2010 SEBI passes Rs 15 crore consent order in IPO scam
28-December-2009 SEBI is waking up to complete takeovers
22-December-2009 Sebi board to take up NSDL issue tomorrow (IPO scam 2005)
21-December-2009 25 percent public holding mandatory for listed companies
21-December-2009 Sebi seeks action against RIL in share issue case
16-December-2009 Usage of IPO proceeds not monitored by SEBI: Govt
15-December-2009 Barclays Banned from Trading in India, Because of False Data
10-December-2009 BSE to suspend trading in securities of 18 companies
10-December-2009 Nominees should not be considered independent directors: ICSI
9-November-2009 Sebi expand scope of broker’s agents
22-October-2009 SEBI finds it difficult to crack down on insider trading
16-September-2009 Ruling on Non-compete fees to public shareholders : SAT sets aside Sebi ruling on Tata Tea
16-September-2009 DIP Guidelines rescinded, comes in SEBI (Issue of Capital and Disclosure Requirements) Regulation 2009
21-August-2009 SEBI cuts right issue allotment timeframe to 15 days
3-August-2009 All financial regulators may come under SAT
29-July-2009 IFC, SEBI in corp governance tie up
29-July-2009 Leading PSUs under the SEBI scanner
29-July-2009 In support of No issue of shares with differential voting rights
23-July-2009 SEBI bars listed cos from issuing shares with superior rights
22-July-2009 10% public holding must to stay ‘listed
14-July-2009 Compulsory holding of 25% under discussion
30-May-2009 Sebi norm on bond security stumps cos
15-May-2009 Sebi to pay 1st year peer review audit fees
15-May-2009 Simplified Listing Agreement for Debt Securities
11-May-2009 Insider Trades
16-Apr-2009 SEBI allows FIIs to invest in IDRs
14-Apr-2009 Tech Mandra open offer for Satyam shareholders
Limit to money market investments by Funds
Before 25-Mar-2009 Directors said to have control in a Board driven company Text of Order
Investor Complaint Redressal Drive
News on Guidelines for online debt issues
News clipping on 75 firms pledge over 30% stakes
Amendments in DIP Guidelines for Preferential Issue and others
News clipping on SEBI eases Disclosure and Investor Protection norms
News clipping on Insider trading complaints in Reliance Petroleum

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