NBFCs & Forex Laws Recent

Date Update
04-April-2014 RBI ban on new NBFCs triggers licence trading
20-February-2014 Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) into a SSI/MSE and in Industrial Undertaking manufacturing items reserved for SSI/MSE allowed to the extent of 24% of its paid-up capital.
23-January-2014 Review of Guidelines on Restructuring of Advances by NBFCs as indicated in the Second Quarter Review of Monetary Policy 2013-14
16-January-2014 Conversion of External Commercial Borrowing and Lumpsum Fee/Royalty into Equity
15-January-2014 Clarification- Establishment of Liaison Office/ Branch Office/ Project Office in India by
Foreign Entities- General Permission
09-January-2014 Foreign Direct Investment- Pricing Guidelines for FDI instruments with optionality clauses
14-July-2013 RevisedĀ Guidelines for calculation of total foreign investment in Indian companies, transfer of ownership and control of Indian companies and downstream investment by Indian companies
31-March-2011 Consolidated FDI Policy
21-Aug-2010 ECB Policy liberalisation for hotels, hospitals and software industry
17-May-2010 Private infrastructe company, NBFC bonds on cards
17-May-2010 Gold shines brighter for small-ticket loan takers
24-April-2010 Draft guidelines for core investment companies issued
21-April-2010 New regulatory norms for core investment firms to improve monitoring
17-March-2010 RBIā€™s push for infrastructure financing
17-March-2010 RBase rate system may drive firms to commercial paper
11-February-2010 RBI Liberalizes ECB Norms
11-February-2010 Cabinet to take up FDI policy loopholes today
9-February-2010 NBFCs plan second round of retail bond issues
28-December-2009 India releases consolidated FDI policy draft (Draft Press Note: FDI Regulatory Framework)
15-December-2009 RBI plans new rule for fund raising by holding companies
15-December-2009 RBI sets cap on ECB rates, shuts FCCB buyback door (Text of Notification dated December 9, 2009 amending ECB policy)
15-December-2009 RBI plans new rule for fund raising by holding companies
10-December-2009 ECB breaches found rampant
8-December-2009 NBFCs on revival path
16-November-2009 Affordable housing takes wing as micro-finance cos step in
23-July-2009 Debt funds from VCs for infrastructure financing
14-July-2009 Microfinance’s institutions plans to raise 1K crore through debt
14-July-2009 Microfinance’s small-town success attracts venture investors
19-May-2009 New Govt. may make changes in FII calculation norms
11-May-2009 Press Notes 2,3 and 4 to be overhauled
4-May-2009 NBFCs can repossess assets from defaulted borrowers
1-May-2009 5% tax on foreign income of all NRIs
20-Apr-2009 New FDi norms faces scrutiny
17-Apr-2009 FDI through single brand retail: Nokia, HCL arm in retail joint venture
Before 25-Mar-2009 News clipping on Chola DBS Rs. 750 crore to correct asset-liability mismatch
News clipping on Press Notes fail to clear air over new FDI norms(Text of Press note on calculation of foreign investment)
News clipping on New investment norms throw FDI gates open (Text of Press note on Control of Indian companies by non residents)

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