Change of name of a company

  1. Select few names which indicate the main object of the company. Hold a Board meeting and adopt the new names selected.
  2. Electronic filing of Form for checking the availability of new name with ROC
  3. Receive confirmation of availability of name from ROC
  4. Hold a Board Meeting for calling an AGM/EGM to pass the special resolution for change of name subject to approval of Central Government
  5. Hold the General Meeting and pass the Special Resolution
  6. Electronic filing of Form 23 along with special resolution and explanatory statement
  7. Applying for Central Government Approval in eForm with the following attachments: Minutes of the meeting where resolution is passed; Approval order from concerned authority such as RBI/IRDA/SEBI or so; If change in name is due to change in main activity, a certificate from CA for turnover details of new activity; Copy of Previous approval order for change of name if any
  8. On receiving the approval, apply for fresh Certificate of Incorporation
  9. Alteration of the MOA & AOA, books and records, letterheads, bills, vouchers along with signboard and others

In case of listed company

  • Send copies of notices of General Meeting issued to shareholders to the Stock Exchange
  • Six copies of ammendment made in Memorandum of Association as soon as the same is adopted in the General Meeting, one being a certified copy.
  • Proceedings of General Meetings
  • A time period of at least one year should have elapsed from the last name change
  • 50% of the total revenue in the preceeding year should have been accounted for the new activity suggested by the new name
  • new name along with old name should be disclosed through the EDIFAR website for a continuous period of 1 year

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I need to change the following of my Pvt Ltd Co


Main Objective

Resign 1 Director

Please get in touch asasp.

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Rohan Ruia

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