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27-Feb-2014 Government notifies Rules for CSR Activities(Applicable from 1st April, 2014)
The government has notified the rules for corporate social responsibility
spending under the new companies law, putting in place the much-debated plan aimed at encouraging companies to spend a portion of their profits on projects that benefit society.
27-Feb-2014 Amendments to Schedule VII of the Companies Act, 2013. Notification shall come into force with effect from 1st April, 2014
11-Feb-2014 Use of Word ‘National’ in the names of the companies and LLPs
MCA intimated that no company should be allowed to be registered with the word ‘National’ as a part of its title unless it is a Government Company.
15-Jan-2014 Report under Section 394A of The Companies Act, 1956
Taking accounts of comments/inputs from Income-Tax Department and other sectoral Regulators while filing reports by RDs
15-Jan-2013 MCA circular on XBRL
Time limit to file financial statements in XBRL mode extended upto 15th February, 2013 or within 30 days of due date of AGM, whichever is later.
28-Dec-2012 MCA amends DIN 1, 4 and eForm 18
19-Dec-2012 Lok Sabha passes Company Bill
15-May-2012 Defaulting companies may file certain event based eforms such as 8, 10, and 17
May-2012 Integration of MCA and LLP by June 2012
10-February-2012 Filing of Conflicting Returns by Contesting Parties – Clarification
06-September-2011 Compliance of the Provisions of Companies Act, 1956 & Rules Made Thereunder
26-July-2011 Scrutiny inspection and investigation in all winding up cases
26-July-2011 Pro-active action in case of winding up petitions
26-July-2011 Guidelines for RDs/ROCs in the matter of scheme of arrangement /
amalgamation under section 391-394
25-July-2011 Simplified procedure for obtaining online approval of Central Government under
section 297 of the Companies Act, 1956
25-July-2011 Simplified procedure for obtaining confirmation of shifting of registered
office from one state to another state u/s 17 of the Companies Act,
23-July-2011 Online incorporation of companies within 24 hours
08-July-2011 Integration of Director’s Identification Number (DIN) issued under
Companies Act, 1956 with Designated Partnership Identification Number
(DPIN) issued under Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Act, 2008
08-July-2011 Name Availability Guidelines, 2011
05-July-2011 Companies Director Identification Number (Third Amendment) Rules, 2011
05-July-2011 Limited Liability Partnership Rules, 2009 (Amendment) Rules, 2011
23-June-2011 Special Drive to clear pendency of e-forms filed with Registrar of Companies prior to implementation of revised Regulation 17 of the Companies Regulation, 1956
21-June-2011 Green Initiative in the Corporate Governance-Issue of Certificates by Digital Signature
07-June-2011 Filing of Balance Sheet & Profit & Loss Account in eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) mode
07-June-2011 Guidelines for Fast Track Exit mode for defunct companies under section 560 of the Companies Act, 1956
06-June-2011 Green Initiatives-Clarification regarding participation by shareholders or Directors in meetings through Electronic mode
03-June-2011 The Companies (Cost Audit Report) Rules,2011
03-June-2011 The Companies (Cost Accounting Records) Rules,2011
02-June-2011 Companies DIN (Second Amendment) Rules,2011
02-June-2011 Guidelines for declaring financial institution as Public Financial Institution under Section 4A of the Companies Act, 1956
01-June-2011 Compliance of Provision of the Companies Act,1956 and Rules made there under
31-May-2011 Depreciation for the purpose of declaration of Dividend under Section 205 in case of companies referred to in Section 616 (C ) of the Companies Act, 1956 (the Act)
30-May-2011 Companies (Passing of the resolution by postal Ballot) Rules,2011
27-May-2011 Payment of MCA fees-electronic mode-regarding
26-May-2011 New Form No. 23D inserted effective from 29/05/2011
26-May-2011 Amendment- Revision of Form No.8 and 17
23-May-2011 Amendment in Schedule XIII of the Companies Act,1956
20-May-2011 Green Initiative-Participation by directors in meetings of Board/ Committee of directors electronic mode
20-May-2011 Green Initiative in the Corporate Governance-Issue of Certificate by Digital Signature
20-May-2011 Green Initiative-Participation by shareholders in general meetings through electronic mode
18-May-2011 Certification of e-Forms under the Companies Act, 1956 by practicing professionals
03-May-2011 Clarification regarding effective date of Companies (Particulars of employees)Amendment Rules,2011
02-May-2011 Clarification in respect of General Circular No: 2 /2011 dated 8th February, 2011
02-May-2011 Green initiative in Corporate Governance
02-May-2011 E form 32- intimation to ROC – filing of conflicting return by contesting parties
02-May-2011 Marking a Company as Management Dispute by ROC under MCA-21 System
07-April-2011 Clarification regarding Easy Exit Scheme (EES)
07-April-2011 All existing Directors are required to inform PAN to MCA vide DIN 4
06-April-2011 The Director’s Relatives(Office or Place of Profit ) Amendment Rules,2011
06-April-2011 The Companies (Amendement)Regulation,2011
09-March-2011 Only Online Payment Of MCA Challan Upto Rs 50000
08-March-2011 Incorporation Procedure Simplified
04-March-2011 Simplification Of DIN Rules
08-Feb-2011 Amendment in Managerial Remuneration of Unlisted Companies
08-Feb-2011 Directions under Section 212 of Companies Act,1956
08-Feb-2011 General Exemptions under Section 211 of Companies Act,1956
08-Feb-2011 Provisions Of Section 212
03-Feb-2011 Easy Exit Scheme,2011
20-Aug-2010 MCA proposes strict action against defunct firms
20-Aug-2010 Mergers and Acquisitions will soon get cleared in 180 days
20-Aug-2010 MCA works on new exit scheme for listed firms
20-Aug-2010 MCA to ease paid-up capital norms for firms
14-April-2010 MCA scheme mulls leniency for delay in filing balance-sheet
31-March-2010 Govt widens ambit for llp firms
17-March-2010 India Inc can now file CSR report online
2-January-2010 MCA’s sector-wise report on cos will help detect fraud
28-December-2009 Corporate Governance Voluntary Guidelines 2009
28-December-2009 Corporate Social Responsibility Voluntary Guidelines 2009
16-December-2009 Questions and Answers: Salman Khurshid
16-December-2009 Corporate governance guidelines next week
15-December-2009 Reliance Gas Transportation under MCA scanner
11-December-2009 ICSI sends recommendations for Corporate Governance
9-December-2009 MCA plans to bring in a new reporting tool-XBRL
8-December-2009 MCA seeks insurance regulator’s help to introduce class action suits
9-November-2009 Corporate affairs ministry plans Next-generation MCA21
29-October-2009 Cadbury minority share buyback plan runs into trouble
29-September-2009 Govt. committed to expedite new company law
16-September-2009 Companies Bill 2009
3-August-2009 Eight Reforms needed for Independent Directors
30-July-2009 Companies bill likely to be reintroduced this week
28-July-2009 Press Release: Scrutiny of Statutory Reports of Corporate Houses
28-July-2009 Press Release: Violation of Companies Act
14-July-2009 LLP would be handy tool for knowledge industries in India
2-July-2009 New-look Companies Bill is top priority
30-May-2009 Apex Court refuses interim relief on GE partner’s allegation: 397 & 398 petition
15-May-2009 Remuneration paid in excess of limits specified by Act-Ranbaxy
15-May-2009 Call for greater shareholder rights in US-impact on India
12-May-2009 Minority shareholders forum to protect company (GHCL)
5-May-2009 Bombay High Court rules Minority shareholders can be thrown out
17-Apr-2009 News clipping on Tech Mahindra gets CLB nod to acquire 31% stake in Satyam
16-Apr-2009 News clipping on demand of CS:50,000 company secretaries needed in next 6 years
14-Apr-2009 Tech Mahindra savior of Satyam
Before 25-Mar-2009 News on CLB order in case of oppression and mismanagement in matters of Jagatjit Industries Limited(Aristrocrat makers)
Companies Amendment Regulation, 2008 effective from Feb 15, 2009
Further information called for in reference to application or eForm, addendum, rectification of defects to be filed in eForm 67
Article on Limited Liability Partnership Act 2008 in India (Text of Limited Liability Partnership Act 2008)
Companies (Appointment and Qualification of Secretary) Amendment Rules, 2009

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