Corporate Laws Consultancy

Business in any form is regulated in one way or the other! Indian companies are regulated by Companies Act, 1956 and rules and regulations as prescribed from time to time by Ministry of Corporate Affairs. LLPs are regulated by Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008 along with rules and regulations provided there under. Other business structures commonly known in India are sole-proprietorship, and partnership firm which are very thinly regulated and popular among small business proprietors. We may be assistance to you in the following areas:

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    [expand title=”Formation of Limited Liability Partnership firms” tag=”h4″ elwraptag=”li” trigclass=”noarrow”]Versatility is the call of modern day business, India has very lately recognized Limited Liability Structure of business.Much popular for professional firms and budding organisations, providing perpetual existence, flexibility and legal identity. We undertake services for structuring and incorporation of LLP, drafting of LLP Agreement, regular compliances under LLP Act and rules thereunder.[/expand][expand title=”Incorporation of a Company” tag=”h4″ elwraptag=”li” trigclass=”noarrow”]

    • Public/Private Company
    • Section 25 Company
    • Subsidiary of a foreign company

    Apirations of growing at a fast pace, brings you to the most popular structure of business in India. Scaling from small family owned business to big size MNCs, we have wide variety of corporate structures prevailing here. We assist in structuring, incorporation of company and undertake retainership for various compliances required under Companies Act.[/expand][expand title=”Consultancy Services and Legal Opinions on various legal provisions” tag=”h4″ elwraptag=”li” trigclass=”noarrow”]Multiple legal statutes, ever changing regulations, ambiguity in law sometimes need expert handling. Corporate law is our main domain, and with years of experience we have developed a niche in corporate world for our legal opinions and consultancy services.[/expand][expand title=”Filing of Petition and Applications” tag=”h4″ elwraptag=”li” trigclass=”noarrow”]

    • Compounding Application u/s 621A
    • Oppression Mismanagement u/s 397 & 398
    • Petition for condonation of delay for filing of charge u/s 141
    • Change of Registered office from one state to another u/s 17
    • Petition for revival of order under u/s 18 & 19
    • Petition for rectification of register of members u/s 111 or 111A

    To err is human! Errors, omissions, lapses and litigation are unavoidable in small and large size corporates. If a company violates provisions of companies act, it can approach the appropriate authority for compounding of offence, to avoid scrutiny and prosecution. If a group of shareholders are oppressed by majority shareholders or there is mismanagement of affairs of the company, the shareholders have right to approach appropriate authority for seeking relief. We assist in filing application, petition, replies, appear and represent before appropriate authorities and obtaining relief.[/expand][expand title=”XBRL Development And Filing” tag=”h4″ elwraptag=”li” trigclass=”noarrow”]Technical advancement of regulators and corporates in India has warranted filing of Annual Accounts and Returns in XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) format. MCA has introduced mandatory XBRLfiling for listed companies and companies having a specified capital or turnover.[/expand][expand title=”Corporate Restructuring” tag=”h4″ elwraptag=”li” trigclass=”noarrow”]

    • Merger/Demerger/Amalgamation
    • Reduction in share capital
    • Buyback
    • Others

    A holistic approach to corporate restructuring, due diligence, crafting a business model to obtain specific goals, considering legal and taxation aspects, result oriented approach. Pre-and-post restructuring review and assistance. A one stop destination for all your restructuring needs![/expand][expand title=”Approval for related party transaction u/s Sec 297″ tag=”h4″ elwraptag=”li” trigclass=”noarrow”]Directors have a fidicuiry relation towards the stakeholders of the Company, and no doubt regulators have a duty to ensure that the manitain the decorum. To bridge the gap, we act as your representatives to seek approval for related party transactions from regulators.[/expand][expand title=”Certification as a Practising Company Secretary” tag=”h4″ elwraptag=”li” trigclass=”noarrow”]

    • Compliance Certificate
    • Annual Return of listed companies
    • eForms: viz. Form 32, Form 2 etc.

    As professionals, we are trusted for our word and letter! We fulfill several statutory requirements of audit and certification.[/expand][expand title=”Representation and liaison with office of various authorities” tag=”h4″ elwraptag=”li” trigclass=”noarrow”]

    • Ministry of Company Affairs (MCA)
    • Company Law Boards (CLB)
    • Regional Director (RD)
    • Registrar of Companies (ROC)

    If any of your issues are pending with regulators, and you need immediate help to straighten the curls, just let us know! We can coordinate with regulators and assist you in sorting out the matter.[/expand][expand title=”Winding up or Verification of company information in winding up cases” tag=”h4″ elwraptag=”li” trigclass=”noarrow”]Companies which are being wound up require certification of Company Secretary, so here are we to assist you if you wish to close one of your inactive companies.[/expand]