Advisory Services

India has a highly regulated corporate environment, and keeping pace with the ever changing legal environment is itself a challenging task. The services of an independent expert who can answer your queries on various legal provisions and other requirements can go a long way to help you achieve your objectives. Our firm assists, manages and channelizes your efforts in the legally compliant manner while you are heading towards success in the industry. We bring our unique talents and perspectives to provide you advisory solutions on matters relating to Corporate law, Securities law, Foreign Investment law or other laws.

We can provide detailed reports on review of your contracts and legal documents. We can assist you in carrying out new projects and assignments.

Areas Covered
Companies Act, Rules, Circulars and Notification
Securities Contract Regulation and SEBI Act
SEBI DIP Guidelines & Listing Agreement
SEBI (Substantial Acquisition of Shares) & (Insider Trading) Regulations
Reserve Bank of India and Banking Regulation Act
NBFCs Regulations
Foreign Investment Regulations
And more..

Legal Opinions
We give legal opinions based on sound facts, stating relevant case laws and references. We maintain consistency in our approach, and make best efforts to satisfy your queries. However if you have any further clarifications in connection with the main query, then depending on the scope of work we provide such additional clarifications with no further charges.